Know more about our Agency services:

Cadastra was born as a Search Engine Marketing agency which, during the 2010s, was renamed Performance Agency. Although we have expanded our operations, we are recognized as leaders in digital performance.

No matter the desired format – digital, performance or in-house – we analyze the demands of brands and build teams that will design the best solution to business challenges.

Google Analytics orchestrating the media ecossystem
Data analysis & visualization to proof media impact
Boticário Case: minimization of stock depletion and failure in product replenishment in franchises

Check out how our team solved the stock depletion issue in Grupo Boticário’s franchises using artificial intelligence.

Case Boticário: Centralization and unification of all company data.

Inisghts on how the Data Lakehouse technique helped Grupo Boticário to have more agility in data collection and business intelligence report development.

Case Rumo: forecasting deformations in rail track structures

We developed a PowerBI application that allowed Rumo to have predictions on which rail sections required maintenance before the problem occurred.