Business & Strategy

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Business & Strategy is Cadastra’s business division manned by a large team of native digital experts who lead the most important business fronts for our clients. These are multidisciplinary teams that take on the frontline of digital transformations to specific digital operations.

We work with brands that are in all stages of digital maturity: from little digitalized brands facing huge digital transformation and operation challenges to pure player companies facing challenges such as forming digital marketing specialists and enhancing performance with their in-house teams.

That’s why we organize the following business fronts to meet key digital strategic requirements of the global market:


Data analysis has always been part of planning cycles, but the exponential growth of data and information also brought numerous challenges. Explore Cadastra’s Analytics and Big Data solutions:

Digital Business

CEOs, CMOs and executives from different areas face the challenge of transforming their companies. Understanding the digital business scenario better is a determining factor of business perpetuity.

Recruiting Services

We are a company that has trained digital professionals for more than 19 years. Learn how we can help brands hire outstanding digital talents.