Digital Analytics

In order to better understand targeting and behaviour on online platforms, it is necessary to implement techniques and expert support. Learn more about how our team is prepared to conduct in-depth and sophisticated analyses that support decision making at different strategic levels.

One of the internet’s biggest advantages as a communication, interaction and sales channel is that practically everything that happens and is promoted there can be measured. Therefore, it is possible to revise and optimise your strategies to be more aggressive.

Despite this advantage, not all companies are able to obtain the necessary information from the available data to help them make decisions. Data measurement is one of the main challenges currently faced by organisations. Digital analytics arises in this scenario.

It combines three areas:

  1. Measurement
  2. Analysis
  3. Data presentation

When a brand has been implemented and is in operation, it is possible to learn more about its audience and behaviour on digital channels, as well as analyse user browsing to optimise digital campaigns and platforms. 

We offer specialised consulting services in digital analytics, e.g. corporate web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics (free version), Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics.

Our expertise

Governance in digital analytics

We have a team of experts with extensive knowledge of the main web analytics tools available in the market, such as Google Analytics Standard, Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics. We analyse the best option for each company, providing exclusive customisation for the most diverse business challenges.


Data Measurement

Data-oriented marketing can provide insights and improve communication for clients. However, many executives face data measurement challenges, such as choosing the most adequate analytics platform for their needs or deciding which KPIs truly reflect the success of their digital marketing investment.

We help your business in this process by providing reliable, truthful and consistent data that enables you to better understand your target audience. We are experts in data measurement with extensive knowledge in the Google Tag Manager and Dynamic Tag Management tools, providing autonomy and agility for tag management on websites and applications.


Digital Analytics Tool Management

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are robust tools, but they do not generate results by themselves. To create the best insights, you need to invest in a highly specialised team with technical skills, experience in data interpretation and business knowledge. 

We audit analytics tools, identify problems and come up with solutions for management. We also provide consulting services to create customised reports and analyses of your campaign’s results.

Software and Tools

We work with the main platforms on the market:

  • Google Analytics (digital analytics governance)
  • Adobe Analytics (digital analytics governance)
  • Google Tag Manager (data measurement)
  • Dynamic Tag Management (data measurement)
  • Google Optimize (behaviour on website)
  • Hotjar (behaviour on website)
  • Mouseflow (behaviour on website)
  • Data Studio (data virtualisation)
  • Tableau (data virtualisation)

How we work

We are certified in Google Analytics and are an Adobe Business Solution Partner, which confirms our commitment to having qualified professionals on our team to offer an excellent service.

However, having a team that is passionate about measurement is even more important than having certifications. The digital analytics work methodology consists of three steps:

  • Pre-implementation: The project KPIs, and the technical and tactical implementation audit are initially established. If there is no analytics platform, the Cadastra team helps find the appropriate platform for your needs.
  • Implementation: Development of the project and tagging plan, followed by its implementation (using tools such as Google Tag Manager or Dynamic Tag Management), approval and deployment.
  • Post-implementation (governance): Training and workshops on the analytics tools and their main KPIs. Customised dashboards are then created to facilitate company-wide data and report access and use.

Full access to our team of specialists

Check out all our areas of specialisation in digital marketing and contact us to learn more about the importance of working with the main analytics tools in the market.

Full access to our team of specialists