Real Time E-commerce

Advertisers and retailers seeking to optimise their campaigns and investments backed by data generated in real time can find insights in Real Time E-commerce that make their businesses more intelligent.

Many professionals who work with e-commerce monitor the performance data of their virtual stores through analysis tools. However, the great majority of these platforms present delayed results, hindering immediate decision-making.

To resolve this scenario, we developed Real Time E-commerce (RTE), a result monitoring tool created as a response to this challenge to develop reports for clients that could extract more business intelligence from available data. 

Through a set of dashboards, RTE presents the real-time results of your virtual store, such as sales and goals, allowing for segmentation by media, channel and device, among others. 

Real Time E-commerce gives you immediate access to the list of the most highly sold products and records the sales history per day, week and month. This is all done simply and directly, with an attractive interface that can be accessed on any type of device and system, whether desktop or mobile. Additionally, RTE implementation is completed easily and quickly.

More tools and better results

Boost your earnings by optimising campaigns and investments

Monitor the results of your virtual store, such as established goals, revenue, orders, average tickets, number of products sold in real time, evaluate performance and quickly optimise your campaigns.

Discover trends

By segmenting data by origin, media type and device type, you can identify patterns, trends and new sales opportunities.

Efficient analyses and decision-making

The dashboards are easy to read and intuitive, developed by market professionals specialised in e-commerce and performance.

Easy integration

Implementing Real Time E-commerce is as easy as implementing Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager.

Accessible on any device

Connect via a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. It doesn’t matter which screen you use to access the tool. The information on your virtual store will be conveniently and easily available.

Prediction of goals

Real Time E-commerce allows users to predict sales and access goals based on the metrics you enter and the sales history. Anticipate decisions and make the best possible choices to achieve your business goal.

Compare with historical results

Compare your sales during the day with previous periods, filtering by day, week, month or year.

Our team of specialists is at your service

You can count on Cadastra to offer your team support when making decisions regarding the results of your virtual store.

Furthermore, the team of specialists can also support your operational team as it uses Real Time E-Commerce, monitoring performance daily and in real time while helping to identify new opportunities and trends to explore, thereby maximising your potential business results.


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