About us

We are a global company that blends digital marketing services, consulting and technology. For more than 20 years, we have been helping clients transform and grow their businesses.

We are a company that combines business consulting, marketing performance and technology services to solve its clients’ challenges and transform results.


DNA is our essence. What we believe in, convey and carry with us. These are values, beliefs and truths. It reminds us of who we are and where we should go. That’s why we want to share it with you, who helps us to build something beyond just a good place to work.

  • Be passionate about always doing the best.
  • Change is the only constant. Embrace changes.
  • Failure is not the end but, who knows, could be the start.
    Err and learn.
  • Be honest, humble and transparent. Always.
  • Lead only by example.
  • Communication is a powerful tool. Use it without restraint.
  • Your position and status don’t matter, only the value you add matters.
  • Never judge. Put yourself in other people’s shoes.
  • Work hard, but have fun. And never stop smiling.
  • Be curious and challenge the status quo of everything.

Our History

Founded by Thiago Bacchin and Gustavo Bacchin in February 2000, in Porto Alegre, we were born as the 1 st search engine marketing agency, the pioneers in SEO and management of sponsored link campaigns.

Unlike most digital agencies, which were born as website developers, we were born specializing in performance media and continued to be the reference in Paid Search and SEO.

In late 2005, we opened a unit in São Paulo, while maintaining the headquarters spanning more than 1,000 m² in Porto Alegre. In 2008, we launched the process of transformation to a model that also offered consulting services in digital marketing disciplines.

We expanded our portfolio, structured departments such as Planning, Customer Service, Social Media, BI and Creation, among others and, finally, in 2012, we announced our full service operations to the market.

Always aligned with market trends and mindful of the needs of our clients, in 2018 we innovated yet again. We updated our service portfolio and positioned ourselves as a company with multiple business fronts based on strategic consulting services, digital operation performance, implementation services and licensing of technologies.

In 2019, we added an educational front to our portfolio to disseminate knowledge in digital marketing disciplines.

Leadership in Performance
Leadership in Performance

Business Fronts

Business & Strategy
With expertise and intelligence, we act as a partner in rolling out strategies and solving complex business issues such as transformation and digital maturity.
Discover how we can transform your business.
Digital Operations
With a team of highly qualified experts and strategists, we offer solutions focused on the performance of campaigns to drive our clients’ results.
Learn how to boost your Digital Performance.
Implementation and licensing of the best technology solutions for
e-commerce, digital marketing, data storage and management, websites and portals.
Check which technologies best suit your challenges.
Software solutions to drive
e-commerce and digital marketing results through data processing and visualization to make decision-making more efficient.
Learn how to increase your
e-commerce efficiency.
With expertise in
e-commerce, technology and digital marketing acquired over two decades of operations, we offer training programs, workshops and courses for clients and partners, underlining our commitment based on sharing knowledge.
Explore our educational solutions.